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two. See Dipstick Location: VRSCAW/VRSCDX Styles. Unscrew the oil filler cap (with attached dipstick) by turning the filler cap counterclockwise. Eliminate the filler cap and dipstick and wipe the dipstick thoroughly clean. 3. Screw the filler cap into the engine. Make absolutely sure the cap is entirely seated on the crankcase. 4. See Engine Oil Level: VRSC Styles. Take away the filler cap again and check the oil degree on the dipstick. 5. If the oil amount is down below the midpoint of the cross­hatch spot on the dipstick, include sufficient Harley­Davidson oil to bring the stage up to the midpoint of the cross­hatch space proven.

CHAPTER TEN Gasoline TANK WARNING Some fuel may perhaps spill from your fuel tank hose all through this process. Because gasoline is incredibly flammable and explosive, perform this treatment away from all open up flames, in- cluding equipment pilot lights and sparks. Tend not to smoke or make it possible for any person to smoke from the function place, as an explosion and hearth may perhaps oc- cur.

As these connec- tions warmth up, the relationship or joint expands and separates, Voltmeter creating an open up circuit. Other warmth relevant difficulties manifest any time a ingredient starts to fail mainly because it heats up.

The tanks are one of many first and previous things individuals recognize every time they lay their eyes on a Harley-Davidson® motorbike—so we ensure it’s a sight they’ll keep in mind.

 ABS operates independently on entrance and rear brakes to continue to keep the wheels rolling and prevent uncontrolled wheel lock­ups either on dry pavement or on slick surfaces this kind of as gravel, leaves or when Using in damp ailments. ABS: How It Will work The ABS displays sensors at the entrance and rear wheels to decide wheel pace. If the program detects 1 or both wheels are slowing down too speedily, which signifies they are shut to locking, or if the deceleration fee does not match a criteria saved in memory, the ABS reacts. The system quickly opens and closes valves to modulate the brake caliper tension making use of only the brake lever/pedal tension remaining used by the rider. Through ABS activation, the program offers the Digital equivalent of manually pumping the brakes and is capable of biking up to seven situations for each 2nd. The rider will understand ABS activation by the slight pulsing feeling in the hand lever or the rear brake pedal. The pulsing feeling may perhaps also be accompanied by a clicking seem from the ABS module. Equally are the result of standard Procedure. Refer to ABS Signs and Disorders.

CHAPTER FOUR the combustion chambers, do the job thoroughly around the valve seats. A destroyed or marginally scratched valve seat will result in inadequate valve seating.

A value-productive Alternative, and perhaps certainly one of the preferred mods for a Touring bike's click here suspension, is to change to your heavier viscosity fork oil. The 10W oil is often suggested for individuals hunting for a business experience that eliminates bottoming. Likewise, some choose to go one particular move further having a 15W oil that may reduce front-finish dive and provide a more steady journey. You can also Participate in with mixtures, like one section 10W and one component 15W, to find a amount of damping you prefer. Normally set a minimum of the recommended total in Each and every fork leg (it will vary side to aspect), though a splash added can correctly increase your spring level somewhat as well. Changing fork oil is a terrific way to improve the front suspension with no expenses or inconvenience of installing alternative fork factors.

Procedure of the motorbike could result in death or really serious injuries. (00043a) Some characteristics defined are unique to sure versions. These features may well be out there as equipment for your Harley­Davidson motorcycle. See a Harley­Davidson dealer for a entire record of equipment that will match your unique motorbike. Ignition Switch: VRSC Products The automated­on headlamp function provides amplified visibility of the rider to other motorists. Be absolutely sure headlamp is on at all moments. Poor visibility of rider to other motorists can final result in Demise or serious personal injury. (00030b) See the YOUR Proprietor'S MANUAL part at the beginning of this handbook. Be positive to history all of your key quantities in the space furnished at the entrance of this guide. The ignition swap controls electrical features of the motorcycle.

one. Deal with 2. Screws (2) Clutch Learn Cylinder Reservoir Front Fork Bearings Adjustments to entrance fork bearings ought to be executed by a Harley­Davidson dealer. Improperly altered bearings can adversely influence dealing with and balance, which could outcome in death or significant damage. (00051a) Refer to Frequent Service Intervals: 2009 VRSC Designs. Check front fork for right bearing adjustment and lubricate bearings at right intervals. With bike entrance conclusion raised off the flooring, be positive entrance fork turns freely with no any binding or interference and that there is no appreciable front to rear fork shake indicating extreme bearing looseness.

seven. Around the secondary lock facet of the connector, force the Metallic insert wire and terminal into the correct place until it snaps into location.

CHAPTER 5 some scoring nevertheless it really should not be excessive. If these places are greatly scored, swap the oil pump assembly. 3. Inspect the gear shaft assembly (Figure 114) for wear. The equipment will exhibit indications of pattern polish but there ought to be no other obvious have on or injury.

Also, top quality stitching accentuates the Superior ergonomics with that sharp detail You simply uncover on a Harley-Davidson® bike. It’s science in provider of comfort, with the short cruise along with the lengthy haul.

 Even though armed, the starter and ignition are disabled and the rider could depart the motorcycle knowing that the module will activate an alarm if another person tampers with the ignition or attempts to shift the motorcycle. If the fob is existing, the module will routinely disarm when the ignition important is turned to IGNITION or Obtain. Notice: Do not relocate the module or the antenna on the motorcycle.

The shifting details revealed in the tables are tips. Car or truck proprietors might figure out that their own individual shifting styles may perhaps vary than All those mentioned and are Moreover appropriate for personal riding styles. See Equipment Change Lever (Downshift): VRSC Styles. When motor pace decreases, as in climbing a hill or working at a decreased speed, change to the upcoming decreased gear whilst partially closing the throttle so the motor accelerates as shortly as the clutch lever is launched.

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